Speedy Casino – Try unique casino without registration

Those who operate Speedy Casino have chosen to give it just that name because they have the ambition to be both fast and simple. How have they chosen to meet these high goals? Yes, partly by offering non-registration games and partly by arranging for a payment solution that ensures that your potential earnings are available within five minutes of requesting a payment. In addition, they do not claim to make any mass mail via SMS or email.

Behind Speedy Casino is Hero Gaming Limited, a company registered in Malta that, in addition to Speedy, also stands behind hyperpopular Casino Heroes, as well as the somewhat less well-known gaming company Betser. License has been obtained from Malta’s gaming authority, which means tax-free winnings, regular checks on payments, game randomness and much more. Hero Gaming Limited has developed a casino product that is well-approved based on all criteria that can be set up for a registration-free casino with Speedy Casino: Good game offer, quick registration, a website that works just as it should and an available customer service. Read on below to find out more.

Speedy Casino therefore goes to it, so far, quite small, casinos offering games without registration. It is an approach that is still relatively new and may perhaps be perceived as strange by some players. However, it is not as strange as it sounds. First of all, we should point out that the fact that Speedy is free of registration does not mean that you have no gaming account with them. You can easily log in and out of the casino and the balance of your game account consists. The difference to a regular casino is noted when you register. When registering, simply use Bank ID when signing up, instead of completing some current registration forms. Any downside, if it’s even possible for a downside, is that you must use Trustly for your deposits and withdrawals. But Trustly does not require any registration in the sense that used to be used to, even here, Bank ID.

The website’s design is simple and simple … simple. However, not in a way that makes it feel cheap or poorly implemented. The design is fresh, mostly in white, and feels lavish, as you can expect from the gang behind Casino Heroes. Of the ambitious themes of cartoon characters, astrology, Ireland and anything else between heaven and earth as casinos are marketing, nothing is seen. “Casino without hassle” is the Speedy Casino slogan, and it is reflected in the appearance of the page. Technically, everything flows smoothly. The page is designed with an instant play protocol, which means that no app is required to play on the mobile phone or on the tablet. A read-through of the FAQ page of the page reveals that there will be access to a mobile app for both iOS and Android, but we’re unable to find anyone either in Appstore or Google Play. Given that Speedy just opened, it’s likely that the app is not yet available. What kind of enhanced functionality it provides in the mobile phone remains therefore to be seen.

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