Online Slots Casino 2022

Everyone knows them, the slot machines from the pub or the gambling hall. Very popular with many people. The video slot is the modern version of the regular slot machine. At the casino sites that you come across on this website you can play a lot of different online slots.

The online slots have an irresistible appeal to many players. But what is it that makes the online slots so much fun? In this article we delve into this further. Here you will find all information about different types of online slots. For example, we look at the jackpot slots, the many features that the slots have, the payout percentages and much more.

Fun facts about slots

  • More than 3000 online slots can be found at the casinos that we promote. And new online slots are added every week.
  • Online slots have a higher payout percentage than the slots in the regular casino. Online slots have an average payout percentage of 95%.
  • Slots are the most popular casino game.
  • Slots have no memory and the outcome is always random.
  • Each slot has an RNG (Random Number Generator) which determines the outcome.
  • The first lock was called Liberty Bell and was invented in 1899.

How do online slots work?

When you play on an online slot machine, the server of the software provider is contacted with every spin. By means of the RNG, the server determines whether you have won, and when you win how much this is. As a player you will then see the result of this on your playing screen. Naturally, this process is very fast and you will not notice it.

The casino where you play acts as an intermediary and has no influence on the outcome. The casino does pay out any winnings. Because the casino is an intermediary and cannot influence the outcome in any way, you can be sure that you have a fair chance of winning.

Why are online slots more popular than ever?

There are several reasons for this. One of the main reasons is that the payout percentages are so high. The chance of nice winnings is therefore considerable. It is also possible to win a lot of money with a small bet. The jackpot slots in particular are immensely popular for this reason. For example, on the Mega Moolah video slot with a bet of 33  cents, a jackpot of 17.8 million euros was won!

Slots are also very popular because of the wide variety. There are a lot of slots with different themes. For example, you have online slots inspired by movies, rock bands, cartoons and much more. Some well-known examples are the video slots Dracul, Guns N ‘Roses and the South Park video slot.

When you play online slots you will notice that they are easy to understand. When you know how the paylines work, the betting levels can be adjusted and how the bonus round works, you are almost an expert.

Are the online slots safe

When you play the online slots at one of the casinos that we promote on, you can be sure that the slots are safe. The slots are only offered by software vendors known to be very reliable.

The different software suppliers all have a license which allows them to offer casino games under strict supervision. The slots are regularly subjected to very strict tests on the tests for security, payout percentages, fairness and arbitrariness.

Payout percentages

Payout percentages are very important for online slots. The payout percentage at the online slots is also called Return to Player or RTP. The higher this payout percentage, the more favorable it is for the player.

When you play an online slot, we always recommend that you do this with a slot with an RTP higher than 95%. You can always find the RTP in the rules of the online slot. If this is not the case, we recommend that you choose a different online slot.

Random Number Generator

As we mentioned earlier, the Random Number Generator provides an outcome that cannot be predicted. The RNG chooses a random number at every spin. Each number is linked to a predetermined payout. If the outcome of the RNG is a number where the payout is 0, you will see a screen with no winning combinations.

If the result of the RNG is a number with a payout of 20 times, you will see one or more winning combinations on your screen.

It is important that you know that the RNG has no memory. For example, it is not possible to keep track of when the player has won for the last time, or how many spins have already been won. As a result, the result is always 100% random.

Mobile slots

Nowadays you can also take a gamble via your phone or tablet. Here you will also find a lot of online slots. Mobile slots are no more than regular slots optimized for the mobile phone or tablet. The rules and payout percentages will be exactly the same as the regular version of the slot. The only thing that can deviate a little bit are the graphic differences.

Wild symbols

At almost every online slot you will find wild symbols. Wild symbols replace all other symbols and always make the best possible winning combinations. Wild symbols often do not count towards scatter symbols and bonus symbols.

There are different types of wild symbols. There are the normal wild symbols, sticky wild symbols, stacked wild symbols, multiplier wild symbols and a number of other wild symbols. Especially the stacked wild symbols and the sticky wild symbols are liked by players of online slots.

Scatter symbols

The scatter symbols give a winning combination no matter where they appear on the video slot. Often you get a prize with 3 or more scatter symbols. Often these are a number of free spins and a bonus amount.

Bonus game

The bonus game is often activated by 3 bonus symbols on the reels. Fun winnings can be made during the bonus game. In the progressive jackpot slots, the jackpots can often be won in the bonus game.

Nowadays the bonus games are a lot more inventive. You often get extra wilds, multipliers, respins, mini games and much more.

Progressive jackpots slots

The progressive jackpot slots are the most popular video slots. And this is not surprising, because on these slots you can win prizes that can amount to millions of euros. Some very popular jackpot slots are the Mega Fortune, Hall of Gods and the Mega Moolah.

At the jackpot slots, a small portion of each bet placed goes to the jackpot. The more players on a jackpot slot player, the faster the jackpot increases.