Live Dealer Casino 2022

In online casinos the table games are usually organised into one section to cater for table game fans. This means that it’s easier to find what you’re looking for and switch between your top games. There can also be a separate section for live casino games, which can comprise of the most widely played games. Live roulette is a game that really benefits from the live dealer, as the same excitement isn’t as profound when playing video versions of the game. Some live roulette games allow the user to switch between views of the table, so they can be up close as the ball settles into place.

The player still uses chips, though these are just bought per game instead of purchasing them at once and changing them back. This is a more convenient way to play and chips can be bought for just pennies in some online games. These still come with the same payouts as larger chips as they’re still multiplied by the same amount, just on a smaller scale.

Graphics in video table games have come on leaps and bounds in recent years, giving these games a much needed edge. They can be 3D and true representations of the table that you would see in a real casino, just in the palm of your hand. Mobile players on online casinos can also get the same amount of choice and fun when they play, which is another improvement in the technology.

Casino promotions bring players the chance to try out these games with bonus funds which can be used on many games. A no-deposit casino bonus is one that is given to any new account, and a first deposit bonus is a bonus that is given as a percentage of the first deposit you make on the site. This can double – or even triple! – the funds that you have to play with, so shopping around can make a big difference to what you start out playing with.

Live Dealer Casino Table Games

This is the category of games which has taken the casino industry by storm recently. The setup works by streaming the games in real time from studios around the world. Some of the games are setup so that many players are betting on the same hand (or spin). Others are multi-player. The dealers are usually attractive young ladies, who will chat while you play (you can type). Seeing the cards shuffled and dealt live gives many players peace of mind that there is nothing untoward going on with the deal.

The main games are:

Blackjack: This is usually played at a 7 seater table, much like in a live casino. You will make decisions on your own hand. These games can be a little slow, depending on how quick the other players are to decide on their action. This Live Dealer Blackjack article has more details.

Roulette: There are several types available including European (single zero), US (double zeros) and French (la partage). I also recommend non-US readers check out the ‘Immersive Roulette’ from the Evolution Gaming Studio. This adds special effects and slow motion replays to the game. You can play this one at the 888 Casino. This Live Dealer Roulette article has more details.

Barcarrat: The favorite of the high rollers is also available at many live-dealer casinos. This is played one-to-many (all players betting on a single hand). This article has the details.

Casino Holdem / Tri-Card Poker: These are 2 of the most popular casino poker variations and are available at some live dealer studios. Again you will play them one-to-many.  Again I have these covered in separate articles, this one for Casino Holdem – with the 3 Card poker one coming soon.

You might also find some Sic-bo games (Asian dice variations) at some live dealer casinos.

Bonuses for Real Money Casino Table Games

If there is one piece of advice for players new to online casino table games it would be this: When it comes to table game bonuses, you have to read the small print!

There are plenty of legitimate bonuses out there, including many that are very generous. What you will also find is that many casinos exclude certain games, give others a low ‘weighting’ for table game play – or at worst void your bonus if you play the ‘wrong’ game. Usually the lower the house edge the lower ‘weighting’ a game will get for clearing your bonus. For example, Blackjack has a super-low edge when played correctly. You’ll find that bets on the Blackjack tables often only count at 25% towards your bonus play-through goal. Roulette often restricts you from covering too much of the table in one go.

One final tip when it comes to comparing bonuses. That welcome bonus will be gone fairly quickly, and it is the loyalty rewards and promotions at a casino which will have a bigger effect on your bankroll over the long run. Take time to make sure that you will be looked after well once the main bonus has been completed.