Wagering Casino Bonuses

Nothing is free here in the world, except for a good mood and faith in the future. Even free casino bonuses and other apparent offers usually come with many terms and conditions. You do not need to be afraid of these, but it is very important that you understand how they work. Here’s how to get an overview of what’s advantageous and what’s not beneficial – before you claim a casino bonus. It is often the case that the wagering requirement distinguishes between a good and a bad casino. But what to look for? Read on, and the will tell you everything you need to know! We are not Norway’s largest casino guide for no reason!

What are turnover requirements?

It’s basically just breaking the word in half, then it becomes a little more understandable what it’s all about. A sales requirement is precisely that – a demand for sales . It is a requirement that you actually play with your bonus money instead of withdrawing it immediately. Wagering requirements are a very common part of casino reality, and you certainly don’t have to be a genius to understand how it all ties together. No, the casinos are not trying to fool you, and they are not trying to make things as complicated as possible (unlike the banks out there). A wagering requirement is that you play a certain number of times with your money before they are released for withdrawal. Virtually all casino bonuses come with a wagering requirement, so you just have to get into what this is for something right now!

The most common wagering requirement you will encounter is “35x bonus money”. This simply means that you have to play with your bonus money 35 times before being released. So you have to bet for 35 kroner before each krone is prepared for withdrawal. It may sound like a lot, and in most cases you will actually lose this penny – the question is just how much entertainment you get for your money. At the same time, it is important to point out that it is absolutely possible to get through the sales requirement , at least if you find favorable terms. This is why it is so important that you read through the casino reviews here at the Casino Specialist: we always check the wagering requirements and other terms of the various players we describe so that our dear readers know exactly what awaits them when they claim their very first casino bonus!

Where are wager requirements?

Yes, you should actually look for a long time to find a place without any sales requirements. This is a term used extensively by most online casinos out there, from small casino sites to large gaming portals. You will find these requirements in the general rules and terms of each online casino, as well as in each bonus promotion posted. It is very smart to read through the bonus terms before accepting bonus money – so you know how realistic it is to release these funds. Incidentally, wagering requirements apply to both bonus money and free spins, where the profits from the latter must be traded before you can withdraw them. Generally, reputable online casinos will show you the wagering requirement already in the advertising for each offer: look for “35x” and similar abbreviations to understand what matters.

Why do the casinos have such terms?

This is the easiest question in this article: online casinos use wagering requirements to ensure they are not being scammed. Yes, believe it or not, but in the past there were no sales requirements or other terms . You deposited money and got a bonus right into the account as a thank you for the confidentiality. Unfortunately, however, countless people around the world chose to take this opportunity for a quick income, thus abusing the generosity of casinos . When the casinos saw that they lost money, they had to impose rules and conditions. That’s how they stopped the players with fraudulent intentions of scamming them for money – that’s it!

As long as you come to have fun, no sales requirement is an obstacle to anything . You play, enjoy your bonus money and enjoy the insane entertainment without any back thoughts. If you go in plus, you have received free money from the casino. If you lose the bonus money, you still have a maximum cost along the way!