Slots Casino Guide 2023

We specializes in comparing and reviewing online slot machines and video slots. We also offer you the option to play the slots for free. Playing for free is an excellent way to get acquainted with this much-discussed phenomenon that is currently present in all online casinos.

People used to walk into a snack bar and while waiting for a fries and 2 sandwiches of frikandel with mayo, a five-guilder coin was sometimes thrown into the fruit machine.
It was also possible to play a slot machine in the casino. Nowadays it is the most normal thing in the world to play a video slot online in an online casino. From we have clearly listed how this works and which free slot games can be played. You can think of the type of online slot machine (the developers). The different types of free slots (there are hundreds), which slot machines can be played for free, playing for real money, the so-called free spins that can be won, the best and most reliable online casinos where you can play on a free slot machine and of course some handy tips.

Which slot machine suits me best?

This is of course person-dependent. The themes that are used are extremely diverse. Ranging from themes inspired by film classics to an old-fashioned fruit machine as they used to play in the snack bar and everything in between. We have compiled a clear overview of the best free slots for you, with a clear description and player experience.

Play for real money on the slots

Once you are familiar with the slot machine and want to feel the excitement and have the chance to win a nice amount, you can of course make the switch to playing the real money slot machine at any time. These are basically the same slots only changing the points that you normally win into real knobs.

Nothing wrong with that! Of course it is important that you play these slots in a reputable and therefore reliable and safe online casino. has listed these casinos for you. Not only the game description and payment options are discussed herein (iDEAL, Paypal, bank transfer etc etc.), also useful tips for obtaining high bonuses and free spins are discussed in detail.

The Best Online Casinos for slots

Suppose you are ready to make the switch from playing at free slots to playing real money slots, then it is of course important that you visit a reliable online casino in the first instance. The Casinos that online casino recommends are widely known and 100% reliable. The range of slot machines is also being looked into. As far as we are concerned it is a requirement that the slots in the Online Casino are either from NetEnt or from Betsoft. If the online casino does not have slots from these developers, we will not give a positive advice. Not because it could be an unreliable Casino, more because we also want to guarantee an optimal gaming experience and we believe that we can only guarantee that sincerely,

How does a slot machine work?

Slots actually all work the same way. All slot machines have a Random Number Generator, or an RNG. This means that all spins are random. Nobody has any influence on a certain chance of winning. With BlackJack, for example, you choose to hit or stop. With slots, it is completely random. It can therefore happen that you do not win a number of spins in succession. But it can also just go the other way. Then you suddenly grab a lot of money 10 times in a row. Completely random. Now there are thousands of slots and each one is different. On our website there is a top 5 slot machine with the best ratings.