Fast Payout Casino

Fast withdrawals are exactly what it sounds like; to be able to withdraw their money from an online casino quickly. This is a trend that emerged during the latter part of the game year 2019 and we saw one casino after another launched with quick withdrawals as the main selling point.

Casinos with fast withdrawals are loved by players in Europe and this is no wonder. Winning money online and then having them on the account the same day is something we have not been spoiled with before. From having been waiting between 3 and 5 days, to get the winnings directly, is a gigantic step forward for the casino industry. Here we look more closely at some of the best casinos with quick withdrawals and we also tell a little more about how it works. If you want to get started right away, you choose a casino in our list below, or you can read on to get answers to your questions.

What does quick withdrawal mean in time?

To understand how revolutionary casino with fast outlets is actually, we have to back the band back to a time when broadband was just a dream and the internet was reached with modem. At that time, one could get a casino client on CD and then created an account. Every game you wanted to try was loaded home one by one and getting your money won was something that could take a long time.

You should first copy your ID card, then submit it in a letter along with a copy of a bank statement and something that proved that you had an address. If you were big, you had to submit additional documentation. A withdrawal took at least 7 days to process, and it was common for you to wait between 14 days to a month before you got your money and then you could get it in the form of a payout newspaper that you had to go to the bank with.

Since casinos then came to be web based, this procedure was simplified and made it possible to submit their verification documents directly. This cut away lots of unnecessary time and got down payouts to between 3 to 5 days and now directly back to the method you used for some deposit. It is this method we are most used to seeing and there are plenty of casinos that still use this system.

Thanks to the development of BankID, 2018 came to be a historic time for online casinos . Now it was possible to identify instantly with the help of an electronic ID. This removed the need for registration of an account, and also made the verification process redundant. This means that withdrawals can take place in as short a time as 6 minutes , which is extremely fast. If we compare with online casinos for and now, you have cut off a waiting period that could be a full month!

Why don’t all casinos have quick withdrawals?

To be able to offer direct withdrawals to all the thousands of players who win money, the casino must have a large amount of money “high”. Not all game sites have come to that level yet that they have so much money in the account that they can directly pay out the winnings and that means that they choose not to offer quick withdrawals.

This does not mean that a casino that does not offer fast withdrawals is worse or less reliable, it just means that they can have lower liquidity.

We nevertheless see that there are increasingly more gaming sites that choose to switch to becoming a casino with quick withdrawals and among those who changed their methods we see, among others, NY Spins, Leo Vegas and Mr Green. For every day that goes, they are getting more and more, which is positive for us who play online.

Are there any costs or other rules for quick withdrawals?

If you choose to use Trustly together with BankID you will not only get quick withdrawals, they are also celebrating costs. However, what you may encounter is that there may be limits on how much you can withdraw. These limits differ between the different gaming sites and are more dependent on their liquidity than on the capacity of the payment method. In theory, you should be able to take out millions of dollars if you won a jackpot in as short a time as if you won a thousand dollars on slots.

Will the trend of rapid withdrawals continue after the new game law?

One of the criteria for obtaining a gaming license is that all games should be able to identify themselves with the help of BankID when you want to play online. This means that the gaming companies will already have the technology for quick withdrawals installed on their servers and then taking the step to become a casino without registration is quite small.

This in turn means that we will not see a reduction in casino with fast withdrawals, rather the opposite. New casinos that are launched will have this method available right from the start and the old well-established gaming sites will one by one go over. We would not be surprised if it became the new standard for gaming sites online and that everyone will give us quick withdrawals in the future.