Why choose a new online casino?

This sector is growing more and more in the country, so many operators are trying to join the latest trend in entertainment and online gambling. The result: extreme exposure to offers and difficulty identifying the best sites. To solve this problem, we decided to give a complete analysis to the new online casinos in Spain to find out which ones are actually the best. Join us throughout our evaluation to see the results.

Why choose a new casino over an old one?

Whether you want to try new casino games at one of the oldest and most established operators in the industry or opt for a new but unknown online portal that has just entered the market, you must consider the advantages and disadvantages that each option represents . Next, we show you the most salient points to consider.

Established operators

You will probably already have a couple of names in mind when talking about online casinos. The Spanish brands Sportium and Suetia or the English Betway and William Hill have a great reputation throughout the country. The main advantage of choosing one of these operators is that you will already know what to expect in each of them. They have survived so long in such a competitive market for a reason and they certainly won’t let you down in fields like security and trust. The clearest disadvantage, however, is that these online portals feel so secure in their position that they dare not innovate. These platforms generate mountains of money in a current system that they dominate and do not want to do anything that could affect their status. They basically follow the maxim of “If it ain’t broke, it won’t fix.”

The reason we present the new casinos here, (mentioned at the beginning of this article) is because these are the most desirable options that have been launched on the market in recent months. This list is different from the one we prepare on the page with the most attractive casinos , where only the outstanding sites are presented regardless of the date on which they were first published.

The most recent portals

One of the main reasons why new online casinos can represent an advantage over long-established companies is their need to “reinvent the wheel” to spark public interest. Although the older sites make up the elite of the industry, the recently launched portals offer a different and innovative perspective. In practical terms, this could mean more lucrative bonus offers, new games, or campaigns with extraordinary promotions.

Latest available bonuses

Established operators tend to lower their guard on bonuses, having built a strong and loyal customer base. New online casinos, on the other hand, have to be more aggressive with their offerings to capture the attention of players. Thanks to the constantly growing market, all portals fight for new users. In a crowded industry like online gambling, the slightest mistake can mean losing the trust and interest of thousands of players.

It is clear that income rewards is the main component of all site offerings. A good welcome bonus is a warm invitation to join the company. But are there other forms of bonuses? Of course! The most important operators renew the bonus sections continuously to give fashionable and attractive promotions. Extra prizes by recommendation of friends, weekly raffles, multiplying prizes or even free money are the most notorious examples of the proposals that new portals usually publish.

New mobile casinos – Remarkable apps

Mobile games are the new way to bet. The use of smartphones and tablets to access the internet is nowhere to surpass the computer as the main access point. New casinos are aware of this prediction, so the design of the pages and the functions built into them are designed to meet the demand of mobile users. Launching a new online portal without an optimized version for smartphones would be an announced failure. The biggest difference between the new casino apps and the old adaptations is perhaps the emphasis on the use of HTML5 encoding. This format quickly replaces the use of Flash extensions, which used to be based on the mobile platforms of the old operators.