VIP Programs Online Casino

The biggest and perhaps best kind of VIP program or loyalty offer that a online casino can give their players is cashback, just like the tax authorities do once a year – this is called completely cashback and is the money that you get back, based on the sum you deposited and lost in a month. There are not many online casinos offering cashback in their regular offer, but  if you are high-roller player or a very loyal player at the casino in question, there are good chances and the possibility that the casino will give a refund, ie. cashback.

Here at Casino Slots Hub, we list and recommend a number of Swedish casinos that give their most loyal players the opportunity to cashback casino – but keep in mind that this is nothing they usually offer to their players, but you have to be a VIP high-ranking recurring Customer to get cashback. Check out our recommended online casinos below, and you know that you will play high or much – there are extremely good chances for cashback at these casinos.

Cashback, Free Spins or Re-Load Bonus

Just like the poker, it’s becoming increasingly common for online casinos to offer cashback to their most loyal customers, but the fact remains that there are also lots of other loyalty rewards for active and recurring players. Many casinos don’t indirectly offer cashback as a regular bonus or loyalty bonus – but usually new deposit bonuses of bigger variety, as well as free spins that come to their most active players. What you prefer and what really is best depends entirely on the rules and terms of the bonus in question – to ponder that the casino offers a reload bonus per week, where the turnover requirements are low – then you may not be in such a big need for cashback , Just because the deposit bonus in say is a very good prize.


There are also many online casinos that instead of deposit bonuses, both at first and reload bonuses instead choose to give the players free spins. These are free game rounds on a slot machine that the casino has chosen for the players, and depending on what you’re doing, you can also talk and discuss what’s really best. According to us here at, the reload bonus is definitely the best bonus you can if the conditions and rules about it are good. Then, of course, you will receive cashback as both number one and two, depending on how the reload bonus is designed, in size and monthly. Last but not least, we think the free spins bonus is good, but very limited and usually not worth much, as the spin-on-spin is usually set at the minimum bet amount.

So, look for a online casino that offers cashback, so first of all, you know if you are a repeat player who sells and plays a lot – or deposits a large amount of money. For if you are reading one, you will certainly be given the opportunity to cashback when the time suffers. Unless otherwise, you will get lots of re-load bonuses, and maybe even free spins.

In the table above you will find best online casinos, which also have good loyalty programs for their most active players.

Cash Back – Here to stay

Today there are not very many casinos offering their players cash back. This is not so strange as it is a big expense for any casino online as they can not afford to earn the full winnings you may lose. It is different from casino to casino what level of cashback they give to their players but somewhere 10-25% have we seen. As you run different probabilities of winning or losing on different games, they often offer a specific cash back on any type of casino game and another percentage of another game. So today we see that many, both foreign and Swedish casinos, choose not to have cashback at all or at least a relatively low one.

However, it is true that the competition is increasing at quite a fair pace between all online casino out there. This clearly means that more and more of all Swedish casinos are required to successfully keep their players and offer them so much that they do not pursue new welcome bonuses and other. Then there are lots of promotions, offers, bonuses, free spins and much more. Cash Back is really one such part that can affect a lot. If you have had an accident with you and lost for a few days, it’s obvious that it’s good to get some money back and you can bet again. This is what cashback gives you and, of course, something you’re rewarding when choosing a casino where you want to play a lot.

For this reason, we believe in Online Casino that Cashback is here to stay and definitely something that will be more and more common in the future. Obviously, of course, we will always keep you updated when any new casino begins to have cash back or if it’s old, it will implement it among its bonuses. Visit this page to always check out our cashback casinos list, or read our News, which is constantly updating the latest current Swedish casino online.