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One of the most prominent benefits of playing at an online casino is the availability. As long as you have a monitor connected to the internet, you can play whenever you want, wherever you want. Therefore, mobile casino has also seen a huge increase in popularity in recent years.

The mobile casinos use HTML5 technology to serve casino games that work just as well on mobile as on PC. Whether you use Android, iPhone or other mobile hardware. The online casinos are in fact completely dependent on making themselves available to all their users. Thus, you can expect the same good gaming experience on mobile, as on PC.

Casino on mobile app vs. Casino in browser

Many players are wondering what is the difference between mobile casino via browser and a dedicated app. What is best? What is most practical? Are there advantages and disadvantages you should know about?

The most obvious difference between mobile casino via app and browser is that you have to download the app before you can start playing. If you play via the browser, you can simply go to the casino’s website, log in and play on the go.

For those of you who want the short version: By and large, we recommend that you play via the browser on your mobile, as this offers more advantages than disadvantages, including better security and in most cases a good gaming experience.

Casino apps are removed from the App Store

By order of the Norwegian authorities, a large number of casino apps were removed from the iOS App Store in 2018. Therefore, the dilemma of whether to choose the app or the browser is easier now than before. Simply because there are not many casino apps to be found. At least for iPhone users. Therefore, gaming via a browser is by far the easiest solution.

If you use Android, the casinos will in some cases let you download casino apps directly from their websites. Note, however, that you should be careful about installing applications from unknown sources. Therefore, be extra careful when downloading apps from casinos you have not heard of, as in the worst case they may contain viruses – or violate privacy policies and the like.

Advantages and disadvantages of playing at mobile casino from the browser:

  • + Easily accessible
  • + Always access the latest version of the mobile casino, without having to update
  • + Most well-known online casinos are very well optimized for gaming on mobile via browser
  • + Works great on all operating systems, regardless of brand
  • –  Can in some cases give a worse experience than via the app

Advantages and disadvantages of playing at mobile casino via app:

  • + The user experience may be better in some cases
  • + Great for those who are members of many different casinos
  • – No longer possible via iOS
  • – When updating, you must download the app again
  • – Must be downloaded outside the Play Store on Android, which provides lower security

Own mobile bonuses

Many online casinos offer their own mobile bonuses to their mobile users. This is only accessible if you play on a mobile. If you often play via mobile, you may want to check if your casino offers such bonuses. Click on the promotion pages and see what the casino has to offer!

Game selection at mobile casino

At more and more  online casinos , the game selection is reasonably similar on mobile and PC. So you will be able to find exactly the same games in both places. This is because all new games released these days are programmed with both PC and mobile in mind.

Many developers have also chosen to launch their old games in new, mobile-friendly versions. Thus, the difference in game selection between PC and mobile is a much smaller problem these days than it was just a few years ago.

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