Casino Bonus Options

Today’s casino market is full of opportunities for the inquisitive player, and if you do a thorough preparation you can have a truly amazing, almost adventurous experience from day one. Online casinos have extremely little expense compared to traditional land-based casinos, so they have far more opportunities to reward their players. This comes in the form of wonderful casino bonuses of all shapes and colors – including so-called free bonuses where you can try out various games for free without doing much more than registering. The casino specialist has, of course, been following such casino bonuses for years, and will tell you exactly what you will encounter. With our help you can start your casino journey for free, just read on!

Casino Bonus without Deposit

If we talk about free casino bonuses, it is precisely the so-called casino bonuses with no deposit which is the dominant form of free money in an online casino. These bonuses are exactly what the name implies: a casino bonus with no deposit. So you do not even need to deposit money! Yes, when you see such an offer you should actually hit as soon as you can – they are reasonably rare, but show up regularly and attract an incredible amount of attention. In fact, so much attention that they never last long. Here is the first person to the mill, so run on when you see such a campaign: you have nothing to lose!

Casino bonuses with no deposit only require you to register an account. Well, you suddenly have some bonus crowns to spend on various casino games – without even having to do so much as bring out your wallet! You do not get big sums this way, but good casino bonuses without deposits can be several hundred bucks if you look well . These allow you to try out several different games without any risk. If you like what you see, like the experience the casino offers, you can then make a deposit and cash in on the welcome bonus!

Free casino chips

Another popular form of non-deposit casino bonuses is so-called free chips. However, these do not apply to slot machines, and are therefore more aimed at niche players – those who prefer table games such as roulette and blackjack . The principle is just like in casino bonuses with no deposit, so you only register one account (and confirm the registration via a link that you receive via email) and receive a small bundle of free chips immediately. These can be used on all the classic casino games from the old days, where you place your free tongues on the table and come along excitedly. If you win, you get real money (with wagering requirements). If you lose, you haven’t really lost anything yet – the entertainment is absolutely real! It is fairly easy to find free casino chips online, but usually there are regular casino bonuses with no deposit you will encounter: of course you can spend your free money on table games too!

Free Spins

This is probably the most common type of free casino bonuses besides regular non-deposit bonuses. Free Spins are incredibly popular these days, and most casinos give you a bundle of such spins as soon as you make a deposit. However, some players choose to give players free spins without deposit, where you get ten to twelve free spins on a selected game as soon as you complete the registration . Most often, free spins will apply to the legendary NetEnt Starburst slot machine , but they can also be completely open – so you can try out several different slots without risking a single red ear! Note, however, that all the winnings you earn from free spins without a deposit will always come with a wagering requirement, while at most, maximum limits are set for how much you can win.

Most modern slots also have built-in free spins, where you win a bonus round that you don’t pay for. However, this is a completely different topic that you can read about in our article on free spins. Besides, you will have to pay for the regular spins until you win a round of free spins, so this is not free money in any way.

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