Casino Bonus Guide 2020

Something that really enhances a gaming experience is to be able to enjoy nice benefits and generous offers. This is something that the vast majority of casino companies have taken into account, and to make you as a player satisfied, you have therefore put together a number of different casino bonuses that match your particular needs.

It may seem uncomplicated, but there are some rules and conditions that you as a player should know about. With this guide you will find out everything you need to know about casino bonuses.

Which casino bonuses are the best?

When talking about casino bonuses, they occur in different variants. Some casino bonuses use high turnover requirements, others use low rates. Some do not use any turnover at all. So what are the best casino bonuses? It depends entirely on what you like.

If you like being able to make withdrawals relatively quickly then a low turnover bonus is the most optimal for you. You still have a chance to win a larger share, but do not have to play excessively longer to be able to dispense this sum, such as bonuses with high turnover requirements.

Bonuses with high turnover requirements instead have the potential to let you win larger sums, as it often becomes long sessions and takes a while before you can dispense your profit. These are especially suitable when hunting for large jackpot winnings, where the wagering requirement does not matter. The main thing in this case is to make use of a bonus with the highest possible amount that can range between 200 – 500% of your deposit.

For those of you who just want to enjoy a pleasant gaming experience and have the opportunity to make a withdrawal at any time, no matter how large or small the amount of money is, casino bonuses without the requirement of turnover are the casino bonus that is best suited.

Casino bonuses at new casinos

When it comes to bonuses at new casinos , it is not really much different in set. Many of them run on the same stretch as several other established online casinos by assigning free spins and a certain cash bonus in the welcome pack. But what can be an advantage with new casinos is the amount of bonus you get to take part in.

It is common for new casinos to allocate a more generous share of free spins or a larger cash bonus to arouse interest. Some new casinos run on their own bonus systems where it is possible for the player to collect their own points during the game. In these cases, the player himself has to choose what kind of benefit he wants from the site’s digital shop. Other casinos run on daily bonuses, which you can take part of every time you log in.

In addition to these bonuses, one can also come across other benefits like bonus codes. These bonus codes can be found on several different sites such as and where you can get access to several unique and exclusive offers. These can be, for example, getting a free bonus when registering which is not included in the usual welcome pack. For example, taking part in free spins without any requirement for deposit or turnover. These bonus codes apply primarily to Swedish new casino sites.

Then you compare bonuses

Knowing which bonus is best for you can be difficult. However, there are several good guides online that will help you find the right one. To be able to compare these bonuses, you need to know what bonuses are, how they work and how to use them in the best way.

Some basic rules that one should always have with them is that in most ways all welcome bonuses have turnover requirements, which occur clearly on all sites. The wagering requirements can vary from casino to casino, and the importance of these depends on how you prefer to play. Some of these welcome bonuses also have a requirement for turnover of the deposit, which means that not only the bonus but also the deposit must be converted a number of times before you can make your first withdrawal. Therefore, it is always important and good to read the general terms and conditions of the bonus rules on the site that you are interested in starting to play on.

Another thing that is important to keep in mind is that all casino bonuses have a maximum amount. This means that the bonus only applies up to a certain amount of your deposit. Once you exceed the maximum amount, you will not be able to enjoy more bonuses.

Also, remember that the vast majority of welcome bonuses last for a limited period of time, which means that you can only use your bonus benefits during this period. If you do not do this, you can lose your bonus.

Best casino bonus with deposit

Which is the best casino bonus with deposit really? Although the bonus amount varies from casino to casino and more money usually sounds the best, it is if you are really smart a very personal choice when choosing a casino bonus that is best.

If you want to be the real smart casino player you should first learn more about wagering requirements , then you should also take a look at slot machines and learn more about rtp and understand the context of a bonus and how to theoretically take advantage of it best. In addition, it is also about the bonus amount and the answer to the question of which casino gives me the most money for the sum that I intend to deposit.

If you make smaller deposits of a few hundredths, it is for example smarter to use a 200% bonus and if you make larger deposits, then you should preferably use a highroller bonus.

Best casino bonus without deposit

If you like free stuff then it is casino bonuses without deposit that are the most interesting bonuses. Today there are two different types of free casino bonuses where one is called no deposit bonus or free bonus without deposit and where the other is called free spins or free spins.

Both are free to get so what distinguishes them is that spins give us an email spin for free on a slot machine while a free bonus gives us money that we can spend how we want in the casino. Money sounds so good, but the truth is that real free spins without wagering requirements are much better and actually the best casino bonus without deposit.